Traditional, from the singing of Bobby McMillon, Celo, North Carolina.


Johnny, oh Johnny, you are my darling,

Like a red rose that blooms in the garden.

I love you Johnny, without one thing

As to love any other with a thousand sterling.


It ain't the wind that blows so high,

Nor neither the rain that makes me cry.

The whitest frost that ever fell,

I love you Johnny, but I'd die not to tell.


My father, he offers a house and land

If I'll stay at home and do his command

But his command I will disobey,

I love you Johnny, where you go or stay. 


My mother she scorns both night and day,

My father says he'll send him away.

But they may scorn and scorn at leisure,

At the sight of Johnny, I'll take my pleasure. 


So, fare you well father, fare you well mother,

Fare you well sister, fare you well brother.  

Fare you well friends and fear no danger,

I've forsaken you all for to go with the stranger.