Let Myself Believe

Music and lyrics written by Sam Gleaves, July 2014.

 (C) 2015 Fabulachian Music, ASCAP.

I know, we are the trusting kind.

Taking care and tending to this tender vine

I hold you close ‘til it’s leaving time

When you’re off to be your own man, still I know you’re mine


Chorus:       A lonesome night has never made me question,  

I loved you even when I could not see.

And when I wondered if I was worth the loving, there you were,

And I let myself believe. 


This kind of faith, it ain’t like the driven snow.

I won it out here singing on this wild, wild road.

And it calls to you, this I know,

But I know you are not running even when you have to go. 




There’s so much about you I believe in,

The way you break out laughing all the time.

But I know you’ve got a gritty way of holding on

And I’m stronger for the love and my faith it is alive.