Music and lyrics by Anndrena Belcher


Mama, hear my plea, won’t you paint me a picture

Long to see my mother and my father and my sister

See my sister’s husband and their only dear son

Mama paint a picture, you know I really need one


Have us sitting here on the front porch in the summer

Birds are flying blue and the bugs are a humming

Sunflowers stand tall and yellow in the garden

Paint a picture quick before my dreams have parted


Old coal mines, dark and rugged hills

Your folks and mine are singing still

Cold grey streets, deep northern lake

Come back to me now before it’s too late


Mama hear my cry and I won’t be so homesick

Dark and lonely nights won’t lay so heavy on me

The floods have come and gone, I’m grown and I know it

But my heart is still a child, Mama, and I have to show it


We can still live together here and have a good life

We walk on here or do you say it’s my time

To head back north where the lands lay all flattened

I wish that old migration hadn’t never happened