My Dixie Darlin’

Melody, first verse and chorus written by A.P. Carter, Peer International Corporation. 

Additional two verses written by Sam Gleaves, 2014.


Way down below the Mason-Dixon line

Down where the honeysuckles are entwined

There’s where the southern winds are blowing

There’s where the daisies growing. 

Girls of the north in gay finery

Whirling around in society

Singing a song of Dixie darlin’

Where I long to be.


CHORUS:      My Dixie darlin’, listen to this song I sing

Beneath the silver moon

With my banjo right in tune

My heart is ever true, I love no one but you

My Dixie darling, my Dixie dream. 


I’d walk the miles to hear you sing,

Like they did in old Maces Springs.

March wind blow my blues away,

On the sunny side to stay.

We’ll go down south where the living’s easy

And time moves slow and the cooking’s greasy

People might talk, but we’ll live freely

In our Dixie dream. 




My people they all want to meet you,

Ten minutes time, they’ll want to keep you

Then we can all spend the evening

Telling tales and when they’re leaving

We’ll sit for hours in the old porch swing

Listen to the night bugs sing

The quiet it says everything

In our Dixie dream.