My Singing Bird

Traditional, from the singing of the McPeake Family, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Third and fourth verses written by Sam Gleaves, 2014. 

(C) 2015 Fabulachian Music, ASCAP.


I have seen the lark soar high at morn

I’ve heard his song up in the blue

I have heard the blackbird pipe his note

I’ve heard the thrush and the linnet too


            There’s none of them can sing so sweet

            My singing bird as you


Oh if I could climb a high, high tree

I would rob that wild bird’s nest

And I could catch my singing bird

And I’d warm him on my breast



And when the sun breaks through at dawn

At my window I will lean

It seems I hear my singing bird

Though a thousand miles between



And since my singing bird has fled

To the mountains I will go

And there sing out this lonesome song

So that all the world will know