Appalachian singer - multi-instrumentalist - songwriter

"Courageous as hell and country to the bone -- Amazingly talented Sam Gleaves, the best young songwriter around, heads into new territory with his brilliant album AIN’T WE BROTHERS, joined by a group of world-class musicians and singers. Varied, intelligent, moving –  these songs stay with you."

 -Lee Smith, Appalachian author

A stunning first album. Sam's got a "Sing it again, Sam" voice and approach. The songs written from direct experience are the highlights (Ain't We Brothers, Two Virginia Boys) and they prepare us very well for interpreting Johnny, an excellent traditional ballad. Surprising from a 23-year-old still refreshingly wet behind his commercial ears.  I keep very few albums that I am given. This one’s a keeper.   - Peggy Seeger, Folk singer and songwriter


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