Music and lyrics by T. Atchison


Way down yonder on Caney Creek

I whittled out a fiddle from a wagon seat

I tuned my fiddle and rosined my bow

Play this tune wherever I go



Sleepy eyed John, you better get your britches on

Sleepy eyed John, better tie your shoe

Sleepy eyed John, better get your britches on

Try to get to Heaven ‘fore the devil gets to you


Sleepy eyed John he stole the goose

The goose she flopped but she couldn’t get loose

Said John to the goose, “If you don’t be still,

We’ll miss our supper down at Caney Hill.”




Sleepy eyed John had a wooden leg

The leg wasn’t nothing but a little wooden peg

One shoe off and one shoe on

He could play the double shuffle ‘til the cows come home



Well I took twenty dollars to build a fence

I took that money and I ain’t worked since

Sold my mule and sold my plow

Wouldn’t take a dollar for my Jersey cow