Two Virginia Boys

Lyrics and verse melody written by Sam Gleaves, 2014. 

Chorus, traditional, “East Virginia Blues.”

(C) Fabulachian Music, ASCAP.

I can place you by the way you talk,

You hear the music in your heels.

Just like any raised right Southern boy,

You don’t tell everything you feel.


I don’t need to know much more than that,

Long as I’ve been knowing you.

If two Virginia boys can fall in love,

I reckon that’s just what we’ll do. 


Chorus:       In my heart, you are my darling

                             At my gate, you’re welcome in.

                             At my door, I’ll always greet you.

                             You’re the one I long to win. 


Love me like you love that other time

That you find in those old songs.

I will love you with a tenor line

And hope that I can come along.


I’ll remember you at close of day

And hope that you will come around.

It’s a familiar and gentle way,

You and I can settle down.