Working Shoes

Music and lyrics written by Sam Gleaves, 03/08/11.

© 2015 Fabulachian Music, ASCAP.


It’s been a right hard winter, they barely made it through

Granny wrung her worn out hands and wondered what to do

When the company men came calling, saying, “old lamps for new!”

Nothing paved the way ahead like Grandpa’s working shoes.


Grandpa scratched out a living in the belly of that mine,

Gave away the light of day one dollar at a time.

A poor man has to wonder just what else he can do,

Sing while he’s lacing up his brand new working shoes.


Springtime come and wages just got lower all the time,

Everything the children needed, the scrip just would not buy.

With nothing left to show for it and the soles about worn through,

Nothing walked the picket line like Grandpa’s working shoes.


Now the years they hurried by and Grandpa’s dead and gone.

Granny prayed her strapping sons would hustle up and come along.

And if the time would ever come, it always come too soon,

It’s grow up quick and hope you’ll fit in Grandpa’s working shoes.


When the man I love comes home at night with coal dust on his sleeve

And I watch our son come running on little wobbly knees.

Then I start to thinking just what I’ve got to lose

As I watch my little man try on his daddy’s working shoes.